Well we all know it isn’t the healthiest drink for you! Loaded with sugar and other “stuff”, it also has the highest caffeine content of any carbonated drink. But it’s just so darn tasty! And so many flavours and versions to try. I think it holds a special place in my heart just because we don’t have it in England. And who doesn’t like the radioactive colour! I am a MTN DEW collector, in the sense that I have to try every new flavour. I love it when they do “Dew-mocracy” where drinkers get a variety of flavours to try, and pick the new one. Just great.

The newest edition- Mtn Dew Throwback.. One of the original formulas of Mountain Dew, made with real sugar, instead of high fructose corn syrup (which is probably worse for you). Personally, I enjoyed it just as much as original dew, and couldn’t really taste the difference, though I am sure if you had them together, you would notice that they were not the same.

The reason I write this blog is not really because of the new flavour I tried, but rather as a result of a news article I read. The story was on rural healthcare, and free clinics offered to those who couldn’t afford insurance. There was one lady from Kentucky, who had to have all of her teeth pulled. Why? Because of Mtn Dew.

But not because of a can or two a week, but because she drank a twelve pack of Dew PER DAY! 12x 355ml (12fl ounces) per day! Every single day. Even when her teeth began to hurt so bad she couldn’t even let the liquid touch them, she just switched to using a straw! What blows my mind most is that this woman could afford to buy a 12pk of soda each day. I mean, the cost of 12 cans of mountain dew is about $4.50. Sure, you get offers on buying in bulk, but still, the cost each week or month must be tremendous. Kind of like cigarettes.

If she stops drinking dew for a few months, maybe she can save up the money to buy the dentures she now needs. For now, I’ll be sticking with water.